Sunday Bulletin

First Presbyterian Church of Byron

March 12, 2017                              2nd Sunday, Season of Lent

James Renfrew, Pastor     Kim Dewey, Clerk of Session      Laurence Tallman, Organist









Here comes Nicodemus!  He has many

questions to ask Jesus.

     But he’s afraid to be seen with Jesus.

So he visits Jesus in the middle of the night.

      He has so many questions to ask,

But it boils down to one big question:

     Jesus, why do you do what you do?

I pray that as you come to Jesus with your questions this morning

you will find answers.

    We come to learn, to discover, and to grow.  Amen!


*HYMN OF PRAISE      #767                 “Together We Serve”



     Dear God, like Nicodemus we wish we knew Jesus better.  Some of us admit that there’s a lot we don’t understand about him.  Some of us say that we think we know a lot about him, but we really don’t know much at all. Some of us claim to know everything about Jesus, but maybe there is a lot that we have to un-learn about him.   Most of the time we barely scratch the surface of who Jesus is and why God sent him into our world. So as we gather here hoping and praying to meet Jesus.  Maybe we don’t have to understand him as much as we just want to be with him more!  We’re praying to be with him this morning.  Amen.



Jesus doesn’t require adherence to ancient rituals or complicated doctrines; he just wants us enjoy all of the love that God offers to those who need it.  O God, touch our hearts, awaken our souls, and feed our spirit.  Amen


*GLORIA PATRI            #581   A traditional song of praise


TIME WITH CHILDREN              “Heavy Lifting”


Fish Stories


Last week we distributed One Great Hour of Sharing Fish Banks.  Every donation helps people in need around the world.  There are extra Fish Banks on the back table.  Please return them by Palm Sunday.  See how well you do on our quiz concerning fish!


  1. On which day of Creation did God fill the waters with fish?

[a]  3rd Day  [b]  4th Day  [c]  5th Day  [d]  fish are not mentioned


  1. After he was swallowed by the Great Fish, how many days was Jonah inside it? [a] 1  [b] 2  [c]  3  [d] 4  [e]  this detail isn’t mentioned


  1. Jesus fed the large crowd with [a] 5 loves, 2 fish  [b]  2 loaves, 5 fish  [c]  7 loaves, small fish   [d]  bread and wine


  1. How big was the crowd that was fed?

[a]   5,000 (not including women and children)

[b]  4,000 (not including women and children)

[c]   no actual number is mentioned in the story

[d]   the entire city of Jerusalem was fed


  1. After the resurrection Jesus fried some fish to share with disciples

[a]  In the Upper Room

[b]  On the beach

[c]  In jail

[d]  In the garden


  1. The Greek word for “fish” is ΙΧΘΥΣ. How is that pronounced in  English?  [a]  icthys  [b] ixoye  [c]  jesys  [d]  christos  [e] paraclete


Answers:  1-c (Genesis 1:20), 2-c (Jonah 1:17), 3-a or c (John 6:9, Matthew 15:34), 4-a or b (Matthew 14:21, Matthew 15:38), 5-b (John 21:9), 6-a (ick-this)


Next week:  John 4:5-41 – On a hot day Jesus stops for a cool drink of water.  He meets someone at the well.  Soon the conversation shifts from “water” to “living water”.  Have you ever tasted “living water”?





ORDINATION & INSTALLATION     Elizabeth Shuknecht, Lee Blair, Jr.




*HYMN               #188    “Jesus Loves Me”



Please stand in offering your prayer concern so all can hear you!


OFFERING & OFFERTORY                                     

We invite you to lift up your gifts, your love, your hopes and your prayers.


*DOXOLOGY    #606   “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”



      Dear God, we know how much you love the world.  You demonstrate it all of the time, with every beautiful sunrise, with every bird singing in the woods, with a stream bubbling through rocks, and with every pretty spring flower.  But it’s more than the natural beauty of the world that convinces us of your love;  it’s all the ways we feel your love: as a baby smiles in our arms, as we share a hug with someone we love, as we laugh with good friends.  These are just a few of the things that demonstrate the power and potential of your love that we thank you for as we dedicate our offering.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.  



And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.  For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.  Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.


MESSAGE             “Need a Lift?”               Rev. James R. Renfrew



     Scripture tells us that Jesus was lifted up high on the Cross.  It was supposed to be a crushing defeat, not only leaving Jesus dying, but leaving all of his followers discouraged and scattered without hope.  Fortunately, there is a second meaning to “lifted up”.  It’s a hint of resurrection to come.  And it’s a hint that those who follow Jesus will be lifted up, too.  Not overwhelmed by the


dangers and disasters of our time, but lifted up from hunger, violence, depression, confusion, grief, and all the people, all the

things, and all the systems that leave us wounded and lost. Jesus is lifted high on the Cross so we can see him, move towards him, and receive his love.  Amen.


*HYMN               #761    “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”


*BLESSING & RESPONSE     #468   “In My Life” (vs. 1&4)




Welcome Laurence Tallman!


Today:                 8:45 AM      Service for all who forgot to spring ahead

9:45 AM      Worship, Ordination & Installation

10:45 AM   Deacons meet

Thursday:          11:00 PM    Janet in office,   7:00 PM Session meets

Next Sunday:     9:45 AM      Sunday Worship and Communion


     Laurence Tallman begins his ministry with us as our new Church Organist, starting today!

A booklet of Lenten readings and prayers was distributed last week.  Additional copies are on the back table in the Sanctuary.

Become a member of our Prayer Chain!  Get added as a link by calling Jane Ezard or Jan Kent, and we will notify you of prayer concerns in our church and community.  You can also call Jane or Jan  to add your own prayer.

     Sunday school begins again March 19th – please sign up today!!  Teachers and helpers needed.  The Curriculum is all organized in the back hallway.


PRAYERS: Marian Shepard (Unity ParkRidge), Jean Roda (Wedgewood Nursing Home), Carl Clark (Demay Health Center, Newark NY), Alayna DeHond (Peace Corps), Melanie Nesbitt,  Matt Paine (US Air Force), Tom Wenhold (looking good!),  Gene Richenburg (recovery), Helen & Jim Moore (now home), Bob Estes (Faline & Robin’s Dad, recovery)


Rest Rooms are just beyond the door next to the pulpit.

Hearing Loops are available at the rear of the church.

An elevator is located at the side entrance of the church.

Large Print bulletins are available at the rear of the church.



Who Can Color the Most Beautiful Fish?






















“Jesus, I Have a

a Question For You”






Byron Presbyterian Church

Byron, New York


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