Sunday Bulletin

Byron Presbyterian Church
February 11, 2018 Season of Epiphany
Pastor James Renfrew Laurence Tallman, Organist Elizabeth Weber, Organist Emeritus

PRELUDE “My Funny Valentine” (Rodgers & Hart”) D.Keller, bassoon
INTROIT “Love is Little” (traditional Shaker song)


CALL TO WORSHIP (from “Bread for the Journey”, p. 69)
We are not her because we have found God, but
because God has called us here.
Challenging us to accept the cost and joy of
discipleship, and to be servants in the service of the whole
human family.
But the call is also God’s promise:
A promise of forgiveness of sins and fullness of grace, courage
in the struggle for justice and peace, and eternal life in that
realm which has no end.
Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto God! Amen!

*HYMN: #305 “Come Sing, O Church, in Joy”

Dear God, how did we get here? We think that the question is easy to answer. We woke up, got out of bed, ate breakfast, came in a car, and walked into the church. But there’s more to it. Our families and friends told us about this church, so we have been invited and encouraged to attend by others, not only this morning, but maybe for our whole lives. And there’s even more than that! How did we get here? It all begins with God creating us, loving us, and choosing us for grace-filled adventure. So what is there to confess? We forget who created us, we ignore who loves us, and we doubt that God has anything special for us to say or do. Remind us, O God, how you have chosen us! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

There is an old story about a man who believed that he had to beg and plead in order to get God’s attention and involvement. “If you choose, you make me clean”, he said to Jesus. And now we hear Jesus’
response, loud and clear: “I do choose”. Jesus said this long ago. He’s still saying it today! Amen.


TIME WITH CHILDREN Today’s Word: “Love”

*SIGN OF PEACE We offer a sign of Christ’s peace.

*HYMN: #175 “Seek Ye First”


OFFERTORY “First Love” (D.Krahenbuehl)

What have we to offer on a day like this? Some might say “money”. Others might say “time”. And still others might say “talents”. But today the gift we offer is “joy”. The man who was healed spread the news about what Jesus had done. To his joy was added the anticipation of others, and soon they went looking for Jesus, too. Today we offer our joy, so that many others can experience it, too! Dear God, bless our joy! Encourage it! Inspire it! Grow it! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

SCRIPTURE Mark 1:40-45
A leper came to Jesus begging him, and kneeling he said to him,
“If you choose, you can make me clean.”
Moved with pity, Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him,
and said to him, “I do choose. Be made clean!”

MESSAGE “The Secret Messiah” Rev. James Renfrew

We find so many ways to share the story of Jesus our Savior … in
words we speak, in conversations we initiate, in pictures we draw, in poetry we write, in songs we sing, in prayers we whisper, in smiles we exchange … and that’s just the start. In Jesus Christ we find our voice, we find our heart, we find our soul and we find our strength. Yes, we have a story to tell! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

*HYMN #298 “The Great Commission”
*POSTLUDE “Valentine” (J. Brickman)

This Week
Today: 9:45 AM Worship, Friendship Sunday
Wednesday: 10:00 AM Janet in Office, 7:00 PM Chorus
Next Sunday: 9:45 AM Worship & Communion

Prayers: Marian Shepard – Village Green, LeRoy, Jean Roda – Wedge-wood, Spencerport, Marsha Wenhold – doctor care, Quilliam family – Nick’s mother Julie died last week, Helen & Jim Moore – preparing to move to a new home, Carl Clark – nursing care.
Next week – Mark 1:9-15 – “The Wild Beasts” –
Jesus faces them in the wilderness as the season of Lent
begins. Got any wild beasts in your life? Let’s help you
tame some of them!

Friendship Sunday
Waiting for the right moment to invite a friend to worship? How about next Sunday, “Friendship Sunday”? Elder Chrystal Britt suggested we revive this effort that was once an annual occurrence. With Valentine’s Day just behind us and Lent ahead of us, February 18th seems like the ideal moment to celebrate love and friendship.

Accessibility Options
• Large-print bulletins available
• Hearing loops available
• Grab bars in rest rooms
• Lift at the side entrance gives access to three levels
• Wheelchair section in sanctuary
• Please let us know what we can do to better accommodate your needs!

Please our Web Site “Byron Presbyterian Church”, for the latest news, recent sermons, and information about up-coming 200th Anniversary activities. We also have a Facebook page. Please check them out!
Church Leaders

Session: Moderator: Rev. James R. Renfrew
Clerk of Session: Shannon Thompson

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Jim Moore Jim Welch Mary Ann Blair
Audrey Blount Laura Bestehorn Ruth Andes
Shannon Thompson Lee Blair, Jr. Chrystal Britt

Deacons: Moderator: Janet Pike
Co-Secretary & Treasurer: Sara Geissler & Elizabeth Shuknecht

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Marilyn Britt Faline Tyler Danielle Cummins
Hayley Stein Sara Geissler Nancy Curran
Janet Pike Elizabeth Shuknecht Luan Riner

Trustees: Chair: Ron & Robin Glazier
Secretary: Robin Shuknecht

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Robin Glazier Jeanie Sloat Kim Dewey
Ron Glazier Tom Nesbitt David Keller
Robin Shuknecht Pam Lynch Marc Kenward

Mission Associate: Jordan Sloat

200th Anniversary T-Shirt Sundays take place on the first Sunday of each month … coming up is March 4th. T-Shirts are available for purchase at any time.

Quiz on Healing in the Gospel of Mark
(match the need with Jesus’ response)

A. An unclean Spirit 1. Jesus touched him

B. Tax collectors 2. Swine drowned in sea

C. Demons 3. Your sins are forgiven

D. Simon’s mother-in-law with fever 4. Come out of him!

E. Withered hand 5. Jesus takes her hand

F. Paralyzed man 6. Follow me

G. Make me clean 7. Jesus breaks the Law

H. Legion of demons 8. Keep quiet!

God Acts … We Respond!

1. Join our Bible Study on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Discover the
Word of God! Share questions and ideas. Discover!

2. Bring canned and packaged food items for the Batavia emergency
food shelf. The box is at the back of the sanctuary, or use the food
cart at the side entrance.

3. Join our Prayer Chain.

4. Want to get more involved? Here are some of our committees:
*Christian Education & Worship – help encourage music & learning!
*Membership – help encourage hospitality & a healthy congregation!
*Mission – help people in our own community and beyond!
*Fundraising – raise funds to support ministry and have fun doing it.
*200th Anniversary Team – Planning exciting events in 2018.

5. Become a Sunday School volunteer.

6. Share a musical talent on Sunday morning.

7. Help with refreshments during the Fellowship Hour on the first
Sunday of each month, or Porch Fellowship every Sunday during the
summer months.

8. Help prepare back-packs of nutritious food for school children at
Byron-Bergen Schools to take home each weekend.

9. Join us on Neighborhood Mission Day, Saturday, April 28, 9am – 1 pm
at the Batavia Presbyterian Church – hands-on projects to help a
hospice and a children’s center. For the Presbyterian churches in
Genesee County. All ages welcome!

10. Brides of Byron Tea, Saturday, April 21st, noon. Were you married
here? Do you have some stories to tell, pictures to share, or dresses
to display? This is one of our special 200th Anniversary events.

Considering baptism, marriage, or other important steps on your life’s journey? Our pastor is available to talk with you!

ANSWERS to the Quiz on Page 5: A-4, B-6, C-8, D-5, E-7, F-1, G-3, H-2

Next Quilting Party, Sunday, March 11 after worship.

A Secret Messiah?

Byron Presbyterian Church
Byron, New York


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